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Hi - New to the forum - from the UK!

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Hi all

Just like to introduce myself, my name is Sarah and i am from the UK, i am a big dog lover and i hope we will have alot to talk about!

Take care, and love to all your pets! :)

Sarah X
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Welcome to the forum! Hope to see pictures of your dogs soon! :) I'm originally from England so it's always nice to get more Brits on here so I can keep up with the happenings over there!


Which part of britain are you from?

So now you live in Arizona? You lucky person! I bet the weather is great!

Yes i dont mind keeping you up to date with british news! Even though its pretty boring!


Thanks for the welcome
I lived in Wiltshire when I was there. All of my family live in either Norwhich, Bristol and the East Anglia area. What about you?

Yeah Arizona weather is good. I live in a smaller Northern town now so it's much much cooler weather than Phoenix....which is TOO HOT! :)
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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