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Hi - New to the forum - from the UK!

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Hi all

Just like to introduce myself, my name is Sarah and i am from the UK, i am a big dog lover and i hope we will have alot to talk about!

Take care, and love to all your pets! :)

Sarah X
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Hi, thanks for the welcome, yes i have 2!

a 3 year old lab x collie called Jack


a 2 year old curly coated retreiver called lady.

How about you?
They sound like beautiful crosses!

Like the name Leroy! Thats a bit different! So you are in Indiana? Anything interesting happening there at the moment?

Im in the south east of england and its cold!!! But it is ten past nine at night so nothing new there!


Which part of britain are you from?

So now you live in Arizona? You lucky person! I bet the weather is great!

Yes i dont mind keeping you up to date with british news! Even though its pretty boring!


Thanks for the welcome
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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