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Hi my dog a rat terrier 3 yrs old 19 lbs. I love her with ally heart

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Yesterday 10 pm a rat terrier of my roommate , got into my bottle of herbal supplement coleus foskohlii. She apparently got 2-3 pills 500 milligrams 20 percent extract. Is she in danger?
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This is something you need to call a vet or pet poison hotline and ask. It's against forum rules to give medical advice in cases like this because we have no way of knowing if the people replying to you have any background in veterinary medicine. Even if they mean well, someone could give you incorrect advice that puts your pup in danger and we wouldn't know until it's too late.

A phone call to a vet is free. A pet poison hotline may cost a little, but is cheaper than an emergency vet visit and will likely have more resources for this kind of issue specifically.
I called a vet and they knew less than I did about coleus herb.The hotline is the only option. But I was not asking for med advice. Just simply wanted to know other people with same experience
Asking whether a medication or supplement is dangerous to dogs is asking for medical advice, and against forum rules. This health forum is for discussing issues that have already been seen by a veterinary professional only.
For reference, the phone for the ASPCA animal poison control hotline is 888.426.4435 and the website is Animal Poison Control. This is where my own vet referred me when one of our dogs ate some milkweed pods. The operator advised me that there would be a $60 charge for a phone consult with a veterinary poison specialist, which I would gladly have paid, but when they pulled some information, they came back and told me that there would be no charge because my dog is registered with the Home Again microchip service,

They told me exactly what to do and what to watch for. The service is available 24/7. Actual poisoning cases (and I have no idea if yours is one of them) are extremely time-sensitive and, to be blunt, taking the time to register for an Internet forum and query a bunch of non-medical strangers is probably not the best use of that time. I keep that phone number in my phone's contact list and I'd recommend all pet owners do the same. I don't know if the service is available outside of the United States.

I hope your roommate's dog will be fine.
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