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Hi, looking for training help.

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Had two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for quite a long time. Two brothers named Rocky and Jackson; who are a Ruby and Blenheim respectively. I’m mainly making this account because for years, when we feed the dogs we have to do it in separate rooms with a barrier between them because Rocky will attack Jackson during dinner even before he’s touched his own food. They’re both very sweet toward each other at all hours of the day except for dinner where, no matter how far away Jackson is, Rocky will bark and try to attack Jackson until they’re both done eating. Just looking for some ideas on how to fix it.
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If it is working the way you are doing it now, I would not change it. As they get along good otherwise you may cause a problem between the two of them trying to change things. At least that is what I would do.
Sounds like some resource guarding, which isn't at all unusual. The only real solution for this is to continue to feed the dogs in separate spaces. You have to ensure that your dogs cannot physically contact each other until they are both done eating their food. You can do that by feeding them in their crates, or by feeding them in separate rooms with the doors closed. I would also make sure they can't see each other, too.
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