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Hi everyone im new.

Little about me first i guess. My name is Adrienna but everyone can Call me Enna. Im a bit of animal nerd over all owning birds, cats, Chinchilla, and birds. And lets not forget the reason im here, A Dog too of course.

I Work fill time at a dog/cat boarding kennel and love working there. Perhaps one of my favorite jobs yet. I've learnt a lot over the time i have worked there and hope to keep on learning from this job.

Now a bit about my dog. Jacey is around 16 months old (Where does the time go?)and a total ball of energy who just doesn't know when to call it quits. He Will play ball till he drops if you were to let him . Along with Ball he absolutely loves to swim, Wither it be to retrieve a ball, or chase after ducks. Keeping him out of water can be the issue with him at times.

Anyways, Here's a few photos of him growing up starting with the first photo i ever got of him to picture taken yesterday.

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