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Hi. I am new here.. and DESPERATE FOR A PUPPY!

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Hi everyone, my name is jesse. I am a high school boy who lives in canada. I hated dogs my whole life, up until one year ago.. My best friend got a dog, a bichon frise. I came to the house the first day I got it and ive been in love with it ever since. I need a dog now. I haven't asked my parents because my brother and I arent well behaved kids, and to be honest we are close with our parents and we do usually get the things we want. The only thing we're scared of is that we know my mom hates dogs! all pets! never even had a shtinkin' fish! My dad had a dog for 18 human years though, but my mom would never alllow it how can i go about conivincing her. She says she sometimes like small dogs, but never to hang around with and not to live with. She isn't scared, she just hates them and she doesn't want to look after it and she thinks it will smell up the house!!!

help please.

my brother and i constantly stare at this dog and we say its for us



Thanks so much!:)
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Hm, well maybe to start you should start being well behaved kids. Also just because you like ONE dog doesn't mean you will like another. I mean, if you have a history of hating dogs, one good dog, does not make an animal lover. I suggest you volunteer some time at a rescue or humane society and get a bit more breed knowledge first. Walk some dogs, learn more about them, including how to care for them. Do they have any pet safety classes in your area? I would suggest taking that to learn more. Owning a dog is a huge responsibility and being "not well behaved boys" it doesn't sound like you are ready for that. Make some changes in that area and then talk to your mom about your feelings. Part of that "being responsible" will mean, understanding and respecting her feelings and decision. Getting a dog might be a long term goal and one you should start educating yourself about now. Good luck to you.
Sorry, I must have summarized. A year ago was when I started loving dogs and I have loved all my friends dogs ever since. No, there are no volunteering oppurtunities like that where i live, I do babysit my moms friend kid and they have a 2 month old dog and I love it a lot to. I would now say I am close to ten dogs. The thing about the behavior is we are respectful, I (not my lil bro) do well in school, its just sometimes we talk back to one another. I really really want a dog. I need some help with convincing. More replies would be great.

Also, does anyone know a website where I can educate myself about dogs?
you could probably find a vet that would take you on as a volunteer and be willing to teach you some things in the process. You should hang around on this forum a LOT and read, read, read. Might want to check out the threads about designer breeds too. Check out the training threads. Ask yourself some questions too.
Who is going to feed the dog?
Who is going to walk the dog, daily?
Who is going to pay for all the expenses of a dog?
Who is going to train the dog?
Who is going to groom a dog? Pay for a groomer?
Who is going to take care of the dog when you go off to college? How old are you now? Imagine if that dog lives 12 or more years (which it should)
small dogs could go much longer. Where will you be when that dog is old?
Who will take care of the dog when you get busy with life? Girlfriends, friends, school, sports etc...?
It is a huge responsibility. One that does not just disappear when it becomes inconvenient. If everyone in your family is not on board, it might not be a good decision to get one.
What is it about dogs that makes your mom NOT like them? That might be a good place to start.
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I have already thought about those, that is how much I would like it..

I was thinking of leaving the dog with my parents (if they want it, if not ill take it)
Someone around the house will feed the dog (we have a live in nanny, plus one of us is usually home)
We have a little pathway/parkette beside our house that we can go for a nice stroll down it a couple times.. its about a block. We go there daily anyway either for bikes, or walking to friends houses
To be honest, my family is not poor, they will pay and for little things I will pay.
It's easy to find a dog trainer, shouldnt be a problem?
My brother/nanny/I would groom the dog, we all love them. We'll ofcourse pay for a groomer as well
The dog will become a part of my life, therefore the dog will be my first priority over girlfriends and such. I would treat him/her as if they were family.

Well, my mom thinks they smell bad, she thinks they are cute, but she hates when they jump on you, she keeps her distance from there, she is not scared. She just hates them.. She's fine as long as they are not near her. She just doesn't like things coming around her like that, that are not welcome..

BTW. Thanks for the questions ahah. No, but seriously you are right and you do have the right to ask them
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I think this is a lousy idea. I think you're being very disrespectful of your mother's wishes, and you just need to wait until you get out on your own and grow up.
In no way am i meaning for it to be disrespectful :(. i just really want one. She is around a lot of people that have them. I just want someone to cuddle with, to have fun with, to not be judged, to let free with to walk, to have some responsibility. There is no reason or doubt in my mind about getting a little SMALL DOG
No dog should have to live in a home where it isn't wanted and loved by everyone in the household. The truth is that dogs can smell bad, be loud, tear stuff up, jump on and lick people, etc. and if your mom doesn't want that in her home there is probably little you can do to convince her otherwise. Dogs can also be very expensive and they are time consuming. With all that in mind, I would stick to behaving yourself and finding opportunities to work with dogs for now, even if that means volunteering. Think: rescue, shelter, daycare, groomer or veterinary assistant, etc. You can learn a lot about dogs that way so when the day comes when you're grown up and on your own you'll be better prepared to take on the responsibility of having a dog of your own.
Thanks, but the thing is. My brother would love her, nanny and dad. My mom is a pre school teacher who is battling cancer. She is a very loving person to all humans, she is so nice and she gives off a great love. I think it's also a fear of her being a tad scared that the dog will not love her. I mean, I think with her sweet voice and her happy attitude all the time, her and the little pup will become the best of friends
You are being disrespectful of your mothers wishes. When you get old enough to pay the bills you can get a pup and take on the responsibility of it yourself. Your Mom has enough to deal with, grow up. Oh, and I say that as a Mom to two teenagers.
Your parents really have to be totally on board for this to work, otherwise there will just be a lot of heartache in the end. I've been in that spot, wanting a dog SO badly that I just couldn't stand it (and actually, I've done this two times in a row... guess I just never learn). I adopted Bambi AGAINST my parents' wishes, I bought Little AGAINST my dad's better judgment, and although they love them (my dad adores them, actually), it's caused a LOT of fighting. My relationship with my dad has gone farther and farther downhill, and a lot of the reason for that is because I defied his wishes.

Don't do that. Please. It'll only be harder for you in the long run. I say this as someone with experience in that category... I wish that I hadn't defied my dad's wishes, and that's not something that you want on your conscience.

In order to convince your parents that you are ready for a dog, you need to show them that YOU (not them) will take care of it... feed it, walk it (some dogs need exercise several times a day, like my Lab mix who went out three times today for a walk and three times to play fetch), bath it... and just love it. You need to show them that you're ready for the responsibility, and when they have accepted this, I suggest that you go to the shelter (there are tons of rescue organizations, even if it's a couple hours drive from your house) where you can find a dog that fits your lifestyle and one that really needs a home.

Additionally, please do some research on designer breeds. There's quite a few threads around here that'll give you info.
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Sometimes when you DESPERATELY want something is hard to actually be objective and see the cons...we tend to only focus on the pros... You probably need to wait till you are a little more mature,and have money of your own (not your familiy's money). I dont think your mom would be too happy to spend the"family's money" on a dog she is not going to like. You have to think things thru a realistic point of view.

Some things in life are worth waiting for...
Your mom is battling cancer? Don't you honestly think the last thing she needs now is a dog in her house that she doesn't want?
I'm sorry your mom is battling cancer, and I doubt bringing an unwanted dog (in her case) into the house is going to make anything better. You can't expect her to pay for everything and take care of the dog for you when she doesn't even like dogs. It's unfair to her, and unfair for the dog. Please be realistic and seriously think about it. I know you love your friend's dogs and would really want one, but trust me, there is a world of difference between enjoying someone else's dog and taking on the responsibility of owning and caring for your own.

As a teenage high school girl I got a dog because
1) Both my mom and my dad love dogs
2) I pay for 90% of everything my puppy needs, as well as the initial cost of my puppy
3) I was willing to wake up at 4:30 a.m., after going to bed at 12:00 a.m. to walk and feed and play with my dog. I was willing to stop hanging out with friends after school, and I was willing to call picking up dog poop, training my dog, and going for a walk my "break".
4) I was willing to stop arguing with my younger sister and start doing more chores around the house.
5) I spent a long while doing research and preparing. I showed dedication and responsibility and maturity. I convinced my parents, but I did not push them.

A dog isn't something that you outgrown, it isn't something that you think it'd be "cool" or just "fun" to have.

I just personally do not think getting a dog is the best idea in your situation. If you love dogs, walk other people's dogs, help train them... and stick around this forum!
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Believe me, I know what it is like to want things that I cannot have. We all do. Part of being responsible is taking other peoples feelings into consideration. In this case, your mothers feelings. I think it is very selfish to think of putting her through anything more in her condition. I pray your mother will win her battle against that dreadful disease and that her boys will HELP her instead of only thinking about what they want.
are there any humane societies in your area? they are always looking for volunteers
I think you need to seriously re-think your priorities. I want to be diplomatic, but you really need to face the reality of what you're talking about.

Your mother has already expressed her dislike for dogs, and you want to bring one in... while she's battling cancer? Stress has a serious, adverse affect on human phsyiology; forcing a dog into her life at this point is probably not the best idea in the world. Or do you honestly expect her to suddenly fall in love with dogs despite expressing absolutely no desire to have a dog in the first place?

You expect to go away to college in a year, and your first instinct is to leave the dog with your parents (who already said they don't want one). Failing that, you expect to take it with you without knowing (1) where you will be going to school (2) whether you can bring a pet to campus housing, or (3) the availability, cost, and convenience of pet-friendly non-campus housing.

Nobody joins this board and posts without being dog obsessive; we all understand your desire for a dog because we've all been there. The thing you need to ask yourself, though, is what can you offer the dog. Right now, you're expecting your parents to provide the financial resources to care for the dog, and, in a year, you expect them to be the primary care givers despite having no desire for a dog. Even if you managed to convince them to get one, do you honestly expect them to provide the same care and attention you would? Even if they wanted a dog (which they evidently don't), how much time do you expect them to have to care for the animal while they are working full time (and battling a serious cancer!). Do you truly expect the dog to be happy in that environment?

You need to think very seriously on what responsibility means. To be very blunt, I think a dog would be a very, very, very bad idea. Based on what you've written, I do not think you can provide a good home to raise a dog, and I don't see that changing any time soon.
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I want a brand new ferrari. I desperately want one. BUT I CANT AFFORD TO HAVE ONE RIGHT NOW.

I hope you got my point. :D


Does anybody know of any ferrari rescue where I can volunteer to wash and drive the cars?
not your house, not your rules. Until you move out on your own you really have no right to stress your mother out with the prospect of a dog. The woman is sick, I'm sure the last thing she needs is a pooping, peeing, crying, chewing puppy right now.

When you are on your own than you can have a dog, you can have a million if you like, but for now it isn't an option. You are not home for many more years anyway,soon you will living on your own,making your own money, doing your own thing. You will be more responsible than you are now and clearly you are not if you put your sick mother's feelings aside for your own.

So wait a few years, yes puppies are cute, I admit to falling for several myself but puppies are also work, something that will be hard to give properly if you are in a college dorm or sitting in a leacture hall.

What if a friend dropped you off a baby and said " I can't do this anymore, take the baby for me and raise him/her"....babies and puppies are not that much different...really....it's true.....

so wait, chances are the breed you are looking at will not become extinct in 5 years or so.
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Alright. I understand. Gosh, you all dont need to post the exact same thing a zillion times! 3 our of 4 people in the family want a dog.. We will try to get my mother on board and you people cant control my life. Sorry.
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