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Thanks for allowing me to join the forum.
I have a bichon frise 3 years old who has a slight birth defect where she goes pee to be blunt. TO move forward, she has had some UTI's and we always get them fixed, but this time around it ended up she had a kidney stone and just had surgery to remove the stone because she couldn't use the bathroom. I brought her to the hospital Thursday and during they night they had a catheter in her but she removed it herself during the night. Not sure if this affects the current issue. We brought her home Saturday afternoon. She could go to the bathroom but she still strained a bit and we were told this would be normal for about a week or so. But after a day she started to actually scream when she attempted to urinate. I then tried to make sure her pain meds had been in her for few hours before taking her out and then she would go without screaming. But within the last 24 hours, she has been screaming no matter what the status of her pain pills. I took her back to the doctor and they said she did a little scream but did pee after 12 hours of nothing for me. So now today she last went around 130 and it is 7:30. Not only will she not go, she is afraid of the outside now - not typical at all. She also tries to stick to the sidewalk or driveway and urinates on them - I think she thinks the grass is causing the pain but it is cut low.
I just want the squealing to stop, I feel horrible each time she does it, and she tries to run to the house, she is leash walked.
I always pat her dry because of her birth defect.
We were also advised to make sure she drinks more so I adjusted her food to make it more moist.

All I can think of is years ago I had my first UTI and it was soo bad I could only urinate when I was in water or I had a horrible burning feeling...

Please any suggestions? I was given another pain pill but I don't want to overdoo these pills, she is on antibiotic, anti swelling type pill, and another pain pill already.

Please any solutions?

Thanks so much!
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