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I'm from Texas and just adopted an adorable 1yr 1month old terrier/beagle mix 4 days ago.
I'm very worried about her lack of going potty outside.........she'll go first thing in the morning, but the rest of the day is a NO GO............I try to take her out every couple of hours, but she gets distracted so easily and seems not to need to go. I try to look for signs and haven't seen any as of yet. She has wet and pooped only 2 times in the house and well, once in the car, gag, lol...............SHe loves the car though
Anyway, I just wonder if she doesn't need to go that often or just stubborn ???? Are their other's out there that have dogs that just go a couple times a day and does that seem ok ??? She doesn't eat too much and haven't seen her drink too much so wonder if that's part of it, but I leave the water out at all times and the food is in the evenings (as that's what the Human Society's feeding schedule was so thought best to keep it that way ???)
She's somewhat skitterish about certain things, but has come a long way as far as that and will play now and loves to see us (tail wags now).
If I could please get some help on the potty question.........Maybe she doesn't really need to go but 2 times a day ??? She does come when I say "Let's Go" and when we're out ( stuck it out 45min before she pottied on the first night), but was wondering how long should I go out with her before I just go ahead and come in ???
SOrry to ramble just needing some reassurance or HELP :) Thanks

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Hi and welcome. You may get more help if you post in the training section and/or the first time owner or general dog sections. This part of the forum doesn't seem to get as much activity.

Nothing sounds too alarming to me but there are other that have more experience and can give you better advice regarding food, water, training, exercise etc.
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