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Hi! I'm a long-time dog owner, but new to looking for any sort of dog-oriented community. We currently have three dogs (city maximum, darn). Cooper is a Min Pin (puppy mill dog) that we adopted from the humane society in Boulder. Pippin is a "Koolie" that I went with a friend to purchase from Craig's List, and he just wound up staying here (since last summer) since she seems to have a very active social life, and not really proper time for a dog (plus he's SUPER happy with his brothers). Tonka is our newest family member, and he also came from a humane society, but via Craig's List, as the person that adopted him couldn't keep him (it was a pretty gnarly situation). He is a Boxer and American Bulldog mix. At a year and a half, he's a huge HANDFULL but completely sweet. We start basic obedience tomorrow with him, and in March we are going to a professional trainer. I'm very excited about Tonka's potential. The professional trainer does agility classes, too, and I'm eyeballing those for Pippin. I've never actually had formal training (beyond one stint at PetSmart that was fun) as we've always just trained our dogs ourselves in the basics and it's worked - but he's SO big and strong, things're going to be different this time around.

Growing up, my family always had black labs. First one was a mix (Jake), then two purebreds (Winchester, then Buddy) and then I moved out and started adopting once life settled down.

Other than the most important above info, I'm a middle-aged wife and mom of two boys, and we like to four wheel our Jeeps, hiking in the mountains, dirtbiking, and I love to run and read, and horses. We also have a kitty, ten snakes, and six leopard geckos. And one rat.

Looking forward to being part of a community that's all about the four-legged people I love so much.
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