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Hello everyone,

Greetings from Chicago. We just adopted a 4 year old dog from a shelter. His name is Luke and is absolutely the sweetest thing ever. He does have some Jack Russell in him (how much for sure no one seems to know) so we are expecting a lot of fun with him both indoors and outside. He seems to be adjusting pretty well so far to his new home. There have been a couple of upset stomachs. He hasn't exactly liked being left alone, but we are gradually increasing our time away and he hasn't been destructive or do anything awful. The biggest concern we have is tomorrow is scheduled to be the first full "work-day" where he is going to have to be on his own. We are both a little nervous about it. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations. We aren't crating him, but have limited him to a portion of the house. We have also discovered that the Kong is the best invention on the planet. Any other tips or feedback is greatly appreciated.

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