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Hi... I am new to this forum but VERY happy to have found it. A friend and myself are looking into going into dog grooming together. If you have any and all suggestions are very much welcome. We both work and are looking at taking a course on-line.

My husband and myself have 3 dogs... Patches is a austrailian sheppard....Maxx is a german sheppard... and then there is the little queen of the house "Evie" Yorkie and very spoiled. this is the first dog I have had for the house and I dont understand why it took me 47 years to do it. She is so much fun. Maxx and Patches are our ranch guard dogs...Maxx does very well at it... but Patches, well he loves everyone. All of them are great dogs.

We live in the country on about 10 acres....we also have hourses, sheep, geese, ducks and 2 great mouser cats. (I named them Thelma & Louise becasue when we found them they were about 6 weeks old and on the edge of the canal bank from going over the edge.) Our farm is fill of critters. I just had to bottle feed a baby lamb. Her mom was lost during lambing time. So, Emma (baby lamd) now follows me everywhere on the ranch. I pen her up during the day while I am at work...but she sees my truck come in the yard and she is at the gate wanting out. Evie & Emma are great friends too. Evie helped me bottle feed Emma for the first 3 months.

So needless to say we have our critters here on the farm in Central CA and love it.

I am looking forward to reading and visiting with you all over time.

Just wanted to pop in and say Hi :)
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