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Hi there,

I have just registered, although I found this forum a couple of months ago when I first got my puppy. This is the first puppy I have trained myself, although we had a dog for 14 years while I was growing up. Sadly she was put down a couple of years ago because of cancer, but she was a beautiful, calm, well behaved dog, that acted like a puppy until the day she died. It gives my puppy a lot to live up to!

My puppy is named Ruby. She is a 17 week old black and tan beagle/lab cross. She has mostly beagle looks, although I can see some of the lab in her slightly smaller ears and more pointed muzzle. Honestly, she is the cutest dog around where I live :p No-one walks past or sees her without a comment! She is quite submissive, not enough to be any sort of problem, but she is very eager to please and so easy to train. She is being crate trained, but spends all day out with me. She asks when she needs to go outside, which seemed to happen overnight!

I could go on forever about the things she can/can't do and how pretty she is :p And I'm sure you could all talk about yours for as long as me!

I look forward to it, and it will be good to help out where I can as well.

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