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Hi there,
I'm a mom to a 1 year old son and 3 year old daughter. We have a 7 year old female English bulldog. We've had her since she was 6 months old. Sweetest, most laid back dog you could ever find. Needless to say, health issues up the wazoo.
Thousands of dollars spent in medical care until we switched to a raw diet, it has been a lifesaver!
Anyways, we are looking to adopt but coming in to a lot of issues. It's very hard to adopt with having young kids it's either the dog is too small and nippy or dog too large may knock the kids over and so my applications are denied. I want a dog that is potty trained walks on a leash and obviously gets along with other dogs and kids. This seems to be a huge requirement...
I'm no newbie and have had dogs throughout my life. I love the temperament of the English bulldog but I'm over the medical care. I also want something a little more active for myself and the kids.
Any suggestions?
Personally I love big big dogs, they always tend to be more calm and gentle. I am not a fan of little dogs like Chihuahuas or poodles. And I don't trust them around little kids.
For the life of me I cannot find a breed or mix that is not too hyper, not top young, not too old, not too big or small gets along with kids and does not need constant exercise. A walk once or twice a day then playing in the house or snoozing with our English is what I would prefer.
If anyone can suggest a "perfect" breed for me that meets those standards or any advice that would be wonderful.
Thank you!
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