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My Name is Fadhila
I have 4 Furbabies 2 dogs and 2 cats.

Chico: He is a Chi and my first Love. His 11 years old
Lily: My Cat she is My 10 year old Cat. She is my first girl and my love.
Shadow: My new member he is 8 month old. Loves loves kisses and hugs.
Abby: My new Dog. I got her from the shelter 3 days ago. She is 4 years old. And she is the reason why i found this forum. :eek:
Abby is shy but so so sweet.
I think she could be a border Collie mix. In any case i ordered a DNA Kit. And I will know soon.

I cant wait to get to know everyone and hear nice stories about your furbabies.

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Me to.......Sounds like you have a full house and some lol
Collies are awesome........I am gonna share something I recently learned about my MIni schnauzer and colies fall under the breeds also affected....stay tuned.
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