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Hi everyone! Mom to a 4 month old Poochon

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I feel like a new dog mom since my Aussie is now 12. :)
Some things about puppies I have forgotten, or could be this breed is just different since she is a toy/small breed.
I wanted to ask how many hours during the day your puppies sleep?
Mine was a terror after dinner until I realized she needed a few real naps during the day. However, now she seems like she is way too active right before bedtime when we are having TV time. trying to find a balance and schedule for naps..
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Kinda curious about how you would 'schedule' naps for dogs. Mine just sleep when they are tired...
Mine turned into "demon dog" right after dinner, biting, running around and teasing my Aussie. I read that puppies when they get overtired will do this. She wasn't getting enough sleep because I would put her in a playpen while I worked at home, and every time I left the room or made a noise, she'd wake up and cry..so her sleep was interrupted all the time. Now I put her in her crate in another room at the same time she would have gone to sleep in my office room, and then she sleeps twice a day for a few hours. Made all the difference..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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