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I'm the proud dog mom of two. Opal, a German Shepherd, was our first baby. We got her as a small puppy back in December of 2016, so she's almost two. She's very smart, incredibly athletic, quite vocal (and not just barking), and she's a total sweetheart. My husband farms and Opal loves tagging along with him and loves to run along with him.

The newest addition to our family is Jade. She is, we suspect, about 7 weeks old. A couple of weeks ago she was found on the side of the road, and at that time had no use of her hind legs. Her rescuers got her to the vet and found that she was suffering from tick paralysis. They got her on the road to healing, and we were selected to be her forever family. We aren't sure about her breeding, but she certainly appears to have at least some German Shepherd or Dutch Shepherd in her. She is a feisty little thing, but also smart, and is quite sweet (when she's tired at least haha).

Its been so fun seeing both dogs bond together - they certainly seem to compliment one another, and are definitely going to be the bets of friends! I'm not sure how to add pictures - that's probably a good thing though because I would overload the server haha!
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