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Hi Everybody!

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I'd like your help with a project I am working on.

I'm currently in the process of writing a letter in opposition to breed specific legislation and I would like to collect some feedback and info from the general public on the subject. I would like to hear views from both sides of the issue and I'm especially interested in hearing the opinions of parents and people who've had encounters (with pitbulls or any other breed facing BSL) they would like to share. If you are interested in reading what I have so far, please send me and email and I will send the letter to you. When it is complete, I intend to send it out to as many media personalities, government officials, and animal businesses and organizations as possible. I appreciate your time and consideration and any information and feedback you can provide.

Before you read this, I feel that it is vital that you know thast when I was eight years old, two pitbulls were sent to attack my German Shepard while I was walking him. The first dog went after me and would have caught me if my dog hadn't intercepted him. I still clearly remember the blood stains that covered me from the attack. Today, I am 22 years old, and I can admit that, despite all the violence they brought into my life, those two pitbulls were beautiful animals and they were very well trained. The only thing wrong with them was that they were being used for a horrible, meaningless purpose by horrible people.

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