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My husband and I rescued Hank 10 months ago. I am at home all of the time because I'm in school and work from home, and he works two jobs outside of the home. I wanted a companion to be with me, especially at night, and Hank has been the best guy I could ask for. He is the sweetest pit bull/boxer mix who is always up for a long walk or lots of snuggles.

He has a lot of quirky things that make me love him even more. He hates people who robot dance. He barks at statues. He likes to poop in front of a large audience. He hates cucumbers, but loves onions. Bacon makes him go crazy. So far, he can sit, lie down, stand, shake, high-five, and turn off the light. He won't fetch, but prefers to play keep-away instead. He loves playing with the other dogs in our neighborhood and has some pretty good wrestling moves.

Unfortunately, we just found out that he has an enlarged heart and we are waiting for the lab results to see exactly what it is that is causing it. I am pretty torn up about it, but he's a tough cookie.

I'm glad to be a part of this forum!
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