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Hi and Prednisone

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Hi All - looking for anyone with experience of dogs coming off prednisone. This seems like a good place. If someone could let me know where to post the story and questions I have - that would be great!

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Hi, I just had a 13 year old dog that just came off prednisone, basically it was prescribed for 7 days, 5mg pill on a daily basis just for a week and then half a pill every third day (3 more pills, so 10 total) it was to treat a respiratory issue but my dog seems to have congestive heart failure, not because of the prednisone mind you, but it helped her while she was taking it. It's been like one week since she's off of it and I haven't seen anything abnormal, only thing the vet told me is that given that prednisone is steroidal it could have side effects if given more than 7-10 days.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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