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Hi All

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Hi There,

I thought I would join as I am Raising a dog for the first time on my own, and get lost endlessly in the seemingly never ending information available on doctor google. So I thought I would have a crack at a forum

I have a now 10 month old Beardie Lab Cross called Leroy. he is a little character. Very intelligent (sometimes too intelligent)
very busy little man. He is a passed student of a puppy school and is a fast learner.
However there are still a few things I cant really get the knack of and would like some advice to that end.
I used to have a close family member who was an oracle when it came to dogs. but unfortunately they are no longer around and I feel I'm flying blind sometimes.

so here's hoping I can find my feet here lol

Photo of my Leroy Below

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Hi! What a lovely dog you have.
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