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Hi Everyone Newbie here, Yet seasoned dog owner/lover. I have had many dog breeds in my years, as well I have rescued many dogs and placed them in safe homes. I currently have a rescue I adopted almost 2 years ago "Luci". We think she is a pit bull of some sort, im sure mixed. We call her Fat Girl, well because she is a fat girl! lol

Also I have another rescue dog that I have had about 8 months now. I found the forum while looking for information on my dog "puppy". I have been looking into having her DNA tested to see what she is. I have been told she is a Cane' Corso that appears to be pure breed, however I have no way to prove this. She walked up into my neighbors yard and my dog jumped on her. I brought her in the house when animal control showed up to take her. I took her in and had her checked for micro chip, due she was perfectly manicured, with a soft clean coat, Less the 20 something ticks on her. No chip, we ran an ad for a found dog and tried to get her back to her owner. After 30 days and no one claims her or calls animal control looking for such a dog, she then becomes mine. YEAH!!!

I am so pleased that we found her, she is the most loving dog with CRAZY personality. People comment on her constantly when we take her places. She walks like she is royalty she has a very regal like presence. I just wish I knew what she is. I think that she is a Cane' Corso after the reading that I have been doing for the last 8 months. Yet I'm not sure that I will ever know what she is.

Either way Hi to all :wave: I'm so glad I came across this forum, I get picked on a little bit for the way I treat my kids...oppps I mean dogs.
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