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So I'm posting my little intro thread. My name is Kayla (kinda obvious, but anyway) and I have a 2 month old Akita/German Shepherd mix shelter puppy named Ella sleeping under my feet right now. I also have a 7 year old cat named Thomas who is absolutely terrified of Ella, but then again he's terrified of almost everything that moves. I lost a 6 year old German Shepherd/Lab dog named Ginger in April to Addison's Disease. She was amazing and is still missed. But I am one of those that believes life is always better with a dog so I found Ella on petfinder.com.
I also am a passionate horse lover- I've been riding for a couple years now and am still loving it.
I was on the young side when Ginger was adopted and my dad mainly took care of her in her puppy stage, but am now entirely in charge of Ella so I'll be having some puppy-related questions for awhile.
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