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New here just joined. Had a dog growing up but its been a long time. My wife found a lost Chihuahua that we presume was dumped in our neighborhood. I checked with neighbors on both streets and our property manager. Posted up on a lost pets website and took him down to animal control. No chip, they registered him in their side and said after 14days hes ours. Well hes ours now, all 4lb 11oz of him. Vet says hes about 6yrs old. Only having a couple problems we are working on. he always pees outside but poop is hit or miss. He usually poops at night so its hard to catch. He used to jump up a LOT and scratch to get picked up. We have him mostly trained to come over and sit to get picked up. LAst but not least, the one I am not sure how to deal with. We believe he was mistreated. He will yelp when picked up most times. He is always running around with his head down and his tail between his legs and his back legs splayed out. Obviously we don't want and aggressive dog but this seem a bit excessive.
anyway looking forward to talking
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