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Hey there!

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I'm new to the forum and the proud new adopter of Griffin, a wheaten terrier my husband and I adopted from a local rescue! He's our first dog and I am so happy to have found this great community to help us learn how to take the best care of him possible. Just from browsing different threads, I can tell there are so many devoted and informed dog owners!

Griffin is 8 months old and, so far, has really challenged us with his independent personality. I'm so happy that I'll be able to get thoughts on how to help him warm up to us. He really is a cutie!

Happy to be here! :wave:
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Hello and welcome! You came to a great community for help and advice! Also ... I can hardly wait to see pictures of your new addition ... and thank you for rescuing! :D I love the Terrier personalities! ( Have a few myself now and in the past)
Welcome! I have a Wheaten, too. He's a lot of fun and can be aggravating, but I wouldn't trade him for anything.
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