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Hey. My name Jasmize, I love him dearly... His nsme Max.

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I got him too late to crop his ear or his tail docked. But I love his goofy ears anyways. But he dandruff? I've read I shouldn't have bath him a lot. Too late...These a pond in my back yard he in all the time chasing critters. So he gets a baths before climbing on my bed with me. Pls help me
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He's so cute and very energetic! <3

I think there's a special shampoo if the dog is having dandruff so check with your vet. Yep, dogs don't need bath, maybe you can at least give them baths once a month, but if your dog always goes out and enjoys the mud, then he does need a bath.
Careful, shampoo, even dog shampoo can dry out the skin to aggravate the dandruff used too frequently. Please do not use human shampoo. The Dog Shampoo is pH balance for the dog.

If your pup is into the pond, mud, muck......then you can do just a plain water rinse to remove the grime.

My dog has short legs, so when we are out for a walk after a rainstorm on wet ground. He picks up a lot of sand, dirt, mud, wet, grass, weed seeds.......general crud. When we get home he goes into the shower for a thorough rinse with just water. After he is dry, then a brush/comb out is required for his beard and leg furnishings.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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