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hey I think in a thread a few days back, i made some references to BYB that may have seemed pro and disrespectful. I come from a small country area in Australia and grew up on a farm, where we only had BYB bred working dogs, heinz variety BCXkelpies and ACD's that could run a cow into the ground a million times in one day, this is how i grew up breeding these workings dogs for the local district, they may not have had papers but they had pure herding blood running through them, I guess when i think BYB my mind immediately goes back to the farm and those dogs, of course I see dogs in shelters but most of these are purebred and a small percentage of these are cross breds, I didn't fully understand the negative impact BYBing was having on the general populace of canines around the world and i'm sorry if I stepped on anyone's toes.

But on the other note, the original thread was about me buying a yellow/golden lab from an internet classified. Let me clear this up, this was a local add from a reputable breeder in this town, i have met her on a few occasions in the obedience ring a few years ago, with her big yellow male, whom she has shown and competed in obedience and gundog work, with wonderful results. I rang her not knowing who she was and on hearing that I was the daughter of an acquaintance with a successful history with many areas of dogs she invited me over, i bought the pup for a very large sum of money, main registered, hip and elbow scored parents and fully UTD with all its health requirements.

so yeah, just wanted to clear both those things up, as I love this forum and don't want any misunderstandings...:D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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