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Hello, everyone! I’m back. I see there are a few familiar faces still here and am thrilled to see that.

Misty, my best girl, is going to be 11 years old this year. (I’ll be 30... :wow: ) Y’all were here to help me learn and grow as a dog owner and trainer when I first got her as a puppy. Here’s an update, for those who are interested;

We had a great time with agility for a bit until her luxating patella just became too much of an obstacle. She still enjoys walks/hikes and general adventures. Never leaves my lap when we’re on the couch and never wants to do anything except exactly what you ask her to. She’s constantly praised as a remarkably well-behaved dog and I couldn’t be happier with her.

She goes in to have a fatty lipoma removed from her chest in June. It’s extremely superficial and should be a quick fix. It’s the first to pop up. Here’s a photo of my stunning firecracker girl:

Green Tree Architecture Plant Landscape

Annnnddd, reason for my return to dogforums can be seen in the background. That’s Haku, my newly adopted rescue puppy. Got him at 10 weeks and he’s 13 weeks now. Couldn’t ask for better focus in a puppy (so far, I’m not getting my hopes up as his energy levels rise and hormones come into play) and he’s mastered sit (with distractions), down (semi-with distractions), touch (with distractions), and we’re working on all of the manners and good relationship building we can. He’s definitely getting a little more fire in his butt the past few days—he’s starting nipping at feet, becoming more mouthy, and the ARGUING, OH MAN. If you ask for a “sit” when he’s not feeling it, he’ll do it, but he’s gonna huff and “talk back” about it, even if it’s rewarded. Hahahah.

I’ll drop a few more photos and maybe some of you want to venture a guess as to if he’s a mix or what his adult colors may be?

Dog Mammal Vertebrate Siberian husky Canidae

Dog Mammal Vertebrate Dog breed Canidae

Jumping Grass Canidae Tree Dog

Canidae Dog Siberian husky Carnivore Alaskan malamute

And, yes… I went from Chihuahua to a Husky because I must enjoy pulling my own hair out. (I’ve trained many dogs throughout the years for clients and some that have lived with me temporarily. Varying breeds/ages.) ;p

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Hi, you don't know me because I'm new but I'm laughing at the chihuahua/husky combo and mentally high-fiving you. I think I'm going to like reading your posts.

Laurel is an All American but she only weighs 6 lbs and may or may not have a little or a lot of Chi in her and she is the same way. It drives me nuts! Take her to any large group of dogs (we like "people parks" and just plain wandering around in the woods all day) and she is immediately drawn to the huskies, especially the youngest, most dangerous, most inappropriate "new best friends" possible.

Welcome back. Six years is six years and the internet is the internet, but this forum is downright "jumping" compared to what's left of some places on da interwebz and I'm reading some pretty amazing posts by knowledgeable folks any time I feel like interwebzing.
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