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Hey everyone!! As you can see im new here. My name is Melina (but you call me Mel) and I'm from Northern Ontario Canada. Im a vet tech student and I have 2 dogs. Well 3 if you count the family dog.

The white/beige one is an 8 months old Great Pyrenees/Lab mix. He's mine and my mom's. Since I go to college he stay's home with my mom. Oh and his name is Triton

Choucky is the 5 years old shih tzu and he's the family dog.

The black one is mine :). Her name is Hula and she's 15 weeks. I adopted her from the humane society. I got her DNA tested at DNA My Dog and she's a level 2 lab, level 3 great dane and level 5 rottweiler. She will come with me for college :)

I used to have a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever mix that I adopted from the humane society. Unfortunately I had to put him down on May 28 at the age of 3.5years :(. Some idiots gave him rat poison.
RIP Whiskey
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