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Here's one for ya! Acana vs NV Instinct??

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Just another one of "these topics" to add to the mix!

I have a dog... And he's a big dog. ;) He actually needs to lose 10lbs (already down a couple!). I had him on Acana's "light" formula and he would barely touch the stuff! Not nearly as good as the previous bag he had: Acana Ranchlands (I believe). Grain free, anyway.

So I put him back on Ranchlands and he LOVES it. Does well on it, too! I think with proper portions, treats cut back & moderate exercise he'll lose te weight just fine. He's a mastiff/lab with maybe some rottie in him. About 125lbs and I'd like to see him at least under 120. He really is quite big! Not fat, just big!!

So, a PetValu just opened down the street. It's beautiful and almost in my backyard. It's so handy! They sell NV but not Champion pet products (maybe they will in the future, who knows).

Down to the point of all this! How do you guys feel about feeding NV Instict to your dogs? I've actually never really read up on it, and am really new to the brand. I used to feed Orijen (too rich & expensive) and mostly ToTW. Stopped ToTW after their recall and starte on the grain-free Acana just "cause". I'm really liking it! A lot! Decent price and seemingly great food! Plus, he loves it.

This turned out to be a much longer message than intended! Apologies!
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If your dog needs to lose a few pounds, there's another very highly rated food that has worked for an obese dog I've fostered in the past. Have you tried Wellness Core Low Fat? It works great!

Just remember, no matter what food you feed, feed the amount needed for the desired weight, not the current weight. Both Acana and NVI are good foods; I've used both.
You are right in part. You should only decrease the amount of food by 10%. Then once he's lost a bit of weight, go down another 10% until you are feeding for his ideal weight. If you take too much food at a time you are risking depriving your dog of much needed nutrients. There's a technical name for that but I don't remember it. Plus it's hard on your dog's heart to lose too much too soon. Expect 1 lb a month max.
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