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Here's ChaseyGurl! Can anyone tell what breed she is?

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Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and wanted to show off my puppy!

So the general story is that I was walking home one day in Baltimore City and found her (at ~ 3-4 months old) laying in the street with no collar, reaaally mangy and scraggly, emaciated and crying. I pet her a little bit and then continued walking. I guess she smelled nice person on me because she ended up following me about nine blocks back to my apartment so I took her in.

My girlfriend and I ran into the previous owner a month later and he was actually glad she found a loving home. Apparently he was "away" for some period of time and his wife ended up leaving Chaseygurl tied up outside all of the time and obviously wasn't taking care of her.

Long story short, he said that she was a 'pit bull and german shepherd mix' and that she should be around 4-5 months old by that point.

She really is such a sweet puppy. She's so loving and compassionate and even exhibits human-like qualities such as sharing. She listens very well, albeit she is a bit stubborn at times. She knows her place in our family "pack" and is responsive to everyone in our household. She's very smart and learns quickly, for example, she can open most doors where its a push handle. Also she quickly picked up commands and words such as "sit", "stay", "get your toy", "outside", "walk", "bring me _____", "drop it", "let go", "slow down", "stop", etc. We have no problem walking her around without her leash even. She has a moderate-to-high energy level, but loves to cuddle and snuggle with my girlfriend and I. She can jump extremely high, catch things mid-air, and has a ridiculously strong grip with her jaw. She loves to play tug and loves holding on the tug rope and being swung around in the air.

Jeez, I really love this dog. And this is all coming from someone who was not a dog person before Chasey came into my life. Back to my point...

So, a few people have told us they don't see the German Shepherd in her and think she is a pitbull mixed with some other sort of terrier, but from all of the pictures I've seen of pit/gs mixes, they look similar to her, so maybe those people don't know what they are talking about. She has the long legs of a terrier and the little beard. I know pit bulls are terriers, but I've never seen a pit bull or a german shepherd with a beard like hers.

Any thoughts?

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She is absolutely adorable beyond adorable! I do not think PBT/GSD is too far off ... and maybe a little bit of another type terrier with wire hair in there as well. Mix breeds can have just about anything in them. :)

I almost forgot to say that I am glad you took her in. I hope she brings you many happy and healthy years of pleasure.
Welcome to the forum and it's great you rescued her! Your dog looks like a GSD/Great Dane mix to me. Her coloring is really cool; it looks like a very dark brindle.
Wow, that was so great of you to rescue her. And I LOVE those ears!! :D
Chasey says "w00f w00f!," which translates to: Thank you to everyone who replied! Yes, she has the most adorable ears! One is always up and one is always down. I read somewhere that it has to do with the cartilage not having fully developed yet and will likely correct itself down the road. I'll be honest though, I kind of hope it doesn't because it's so cute! :) Chasey is really a major light in my girlfriend and my life and even when her and I are arguing, we immediately stop arguing as soon as we see Chasey getting upset.

She's such a happy puppy. Soooo playful and full of life. It really makes you re-evaluate what is important in the world when you see a dog playing and so happy by the simplest and seemingly menial things. I've certainly learned a lot from her.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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