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Her name doesn't count!

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My dog doesn't know her name yet. But she will answer to "NO, STOP IT. and GOT OUT OF THERE"!
9 week old Collie
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She’s such a cutie!
I agree with the member above. She’s probably responding to the tone of your voice more so than what you’re actually saying. We tend to lower/raise our voices when we’re disciplining compared to just calling our dog’s name.
Both of mine honestly had their names down within a couple days/week. My oldest in my picture, had hers down within a week. My youngest that I just got, two days. I just kept saying it repeatedly when I would pet them. Do that soft little baby talk with them while saying their names. Calling them when I would take them outside (even on the leash). Their names are Finley-Grae and Oakley. Maybe you can start with saying June or Junie. Then move to Junebug. I honestly call Finley so many different names at this point, Finley-Grae, Finley, Finny, Finny-Winny, Leaf Floof. She responds to all of them. That might help you if she’s not a super big fan of treats.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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