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Helping the new little fella settle in!!

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Hello, Ive just brought home a 9 weeks old Springer Spaniel. He has his little bed in the utility room. In his basket i have put a hot water bottle a kong and a teddy from his breeder. I also just put a radio in there to see if it calms him down...so far only a couple of whines!!

Is there anything else that would make him settle a bit better when going to bed and being left alone? Would a create be better then just a bed?

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The lack of poop could be nerves, it takes anywhere from a few days to weeks...or maybe a month or more for some pups...for them to 'settle in' fully. Also it may be a timing thing. If the breeder had specific feeding times, his system is used to running on that clock so to speak. If those times work for you, then feeding him accordingly may help produce more or a regular output. You can start adjusting the times as well. A little bit earlier each meal...or later....until you have him used to YOUR schedule.

I'm assuming the breeder had a feeding schedule here.

A few other things that may help with your output issue. Is he on the same food as what he had at the breeders? Getting plenty of exercise? And don't forget..when us humans relocate...even just for vacation...it takes our systems a few days to catch up too.

Be patient with the little guy. He'll adjust.

And...um....that hot water bottle may still make a huge mess. Just wait until he discovers the bed moves!
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