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Helping the new little fella settle in!!

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Hello, Ive just brought home a 9 weeks old Springer Spaniel. He has his little bed in the utility room. In his basket i have put a hot water bottle a kong and a teddy from his breeder. I also just put a radio in there to see if it calms him down...so far only a couple of whines!!

Is there anything else that would make him settle a bit better when going to bed and being left alone? Would a create be better then just a bed?

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If he is going to whine, it'll be in the first 3 days... tough it out and he'll quiet down. He's in a new place, so he may be timid... His poop schedule and energy level will improve [? :) ] in about a week. But you can start training him tomorrow.

Try not to carry him around in the house, letting him walk/run. And try not to give him 100% of your attention ... since he won't have much attention on Monday.. so slowly get him used to that now.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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