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Lots of dogs have one special person. It's completely normal. I am Harper's special person, and my fiance is Abby's special person. The cats seem to be our foster pup's special "person"! :)

But, Wicket gave good advice. You can help your husband and Villy bond by putting your husband in charge of feeding, and also by having your husband keep some tiny treats in his pocket and toss them at Villy whenever he walks by. This way, Villy will start to associate your husband with good things.

Also, many puppies don't like being picked up. I mean, we humans look HUGE to them, and when we lift them up it puts them pretty high off the ground. However, she got used to you pretty quickly, out of necessity. So, maybe let Villy approach your husband by having him offer toys and treats down on her level.
Good luck!
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