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Hello! We just rescued a 10 month old English bulldog (now 11 months). She is loving and adorable, but there is a major issue: she just pees whenever she wants, anywhere she wants. We were told she was crate-trained, but I am not so sure. She does not poop in the house at all, so that is a relief, but I do not know what to do about the peeing. We take her out in the morning to pee, feed her right away, then take her out within 30 minutes. Then, we were letting her roam the house when we were home, but she will just pee with not warning. So, we decided to try crating her like a newer, younger puppy. We do not leave her in the crate for more than one hour, the let her out to play for a little while and get some water. Within 20 minutes of her drinking, we take her out again. We do this throughout the day. But, she will be sitting with us and then walk off and pee on a rug, or worse, her pillow. Tonight, I feed her and gave her water. My husband put her in her cage just so he could finish eating (maybe 10 minutes). While we were eating, I looked over and she peed all over her bedding and then started licking it up. I understand how to house train with the crate, but if she will pee in the crate, what do we do? I don't know too much about her former homes and how well they did with her, but this is a problem. Dogs aren't supposed to pee where they sleep, and she doesn't seem to mind. She won't lay in it, so I guess that is good. She is also not making through the night as her blanket is wet when we get up to take her out in the morning. At 11 months, she should be able to hold it for at least 6-7 hours at night. And she certainly shouldn't be just peeing anywhere she wants during the day when she goes at at least every 2 hours, maybe 3 at the most. HELP?!?!?!?!?
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Abbylynn was like this when I first brought her home at 5 months old. I just started potty training all over again as if she was a new puppy. ( as you have already appear to have started doing with your pup) Abbylynn has never pooped in the house in the 7 months she has been with me. But after pretending she was a 10 week old ... it worked. Always take your girl out right after she eats since she seems to go immediately. I would also take her out even more often than you already are for a while longer. She probably is confused and was never really potty trained to begin with. Sometimes they say they are to help get them adopted out. :) The minute she makes a mistake, just ignore it and immediately take her outside anyways. Don't scold her or she will be afraid to go potty anywhere in front of you, even outside. Scolding makes matters even worse. Clean up soiled areas with an enzymatic cleaner or vinegar and water, a 50/50 solution to rid the urine smell or she will keep going in the same area over and over again. You may already know most of this ..... just trying to help. :)

Good luck. It took Abbylynn and I a few months ... but we are good to go now! :) I personally do not think your dog was ever really potty trained. It may take a while for it to sink in. Every dog is different.
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Does she wake you up in the middle of the night by whining or anything? If she does I would take her outside. I did Abbylynn at first. If she is not waking you I would not make a point of it. It did eventually all fall into place for us as Abbylynn learned what was expected of her. It did take some time though. She did the same thing by secretly wetting her blanket in her crate. This did not stop for a good month for us. I second the vet check though ... you never can tell ... we could have it all wrong and she is potty trained but has a UTI and it cannot be helped.
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