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Help with SPEEK!

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I take my pup (9 weeks) out about every 2 to 2 1/2 hours, but some times she has to go sooner and tells me by looking at me and peeing. I would like to teach he to make some kind of sound at the door to let me know but I have spent so much time teaching her not to bark I don't know where to start. She is very smart so I know she can do it I just don't know how to teach it, any ideas?

Is it possible for her to drink to much water? She drinks about a 2 litter a day my wife thinks she drinks when she gets bored. Because every time we stop her from chewing on the kids toys it seems she goes and gets a drink, what do you think?
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Every two hours is a really long time....puppies that age should be going out every hour. That's where the real training takes place with lots of praise and treats as reinforcement for going in the right place. Generally, they don't start to bark, scratch on the door or whine until they really understand that going inside the house is wrong. It just takes some practice and patience to get to that stage. One of the first clues that they are beginning to understand where the right potty area is mistakes happen near the door.
The amount of water intake will depend on wet or dry dog food, the amount of exercise and the size of the pup.
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