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Help with Shadow

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Shadow is 9 weeks old. Very active and worries (pesters) the other 2. He was on Diamond food for puppies when I got him. I started adding Blue Buffalo for puppies to change him over. His poop was soft to begin with. I carries him to the vet Tuesday and he said he had round worms. He had a dose of Strongid Tuesday and today and I have mixed Forbid in his food the 1/2 bag, yesterday and today. Well his poop is real runny now. It is brown. Could all this be from his new home and the medicine? We go back for another shot the 10th. He was the runt and weighted 3.4 lbs. He was a kennel pup.
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Ok first off ... you must post a picture of your pup ... and tell us more about him .... like, how long you have had him, name, what kind of pup he is ... etc..

All puppies have worms, just keep up with the vet visits and it should be fine ....

Is the food your feeding the puppy actual puppy food, or is it adult food?

good luck with your pup

Shadow...9 weeks old. The runt of the litter. Got him from a kennel. Have had him 2 weeks. He is a cocker spaniel. He is full of vim and vigor! Already stole my heart! This is the food:
My other 2 have been on Blue Buffalo for a few years. I just changed them to a Science Diet hd for Snuggles' heart.

Snuggles with Shadow. Snuggles is 13. Cocker Spaniel. I have had him since he was 7 weeks old. He has CHF and on medication. He is my heart. He has been there through alot with me.

Tigger...my 7 year old English Cocker. Got him at 6 mos. He has had both ear canals partially removed due to constant ear infections. He is a big momma's baby. Those big brown eyes will melt your heart.
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Oh, great pictures! They are all beautiful dogs.
:) Good news....today at lunch it looks like his poop has started to have some shape to it. He never acted like he felt bad. He goes wide open till I make him settle down.
I'm glad he's doing better. I think we need more pics. Don't hold out on us.:)
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