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I'm at my wits end. :(

I have a rescued papillon named Rusty, he came to me weighing 2 pounds at 6 months, totally emaciated, un-neutered and with UTI.

Apparently his previous owners never bothered to take him to the vet or crate train him, and when he started peeing and marking all over the house, they tossed him in the back yard with 2 pit bulls. As a result he was battered, starving, filthy and terrified of everything. My boyfriend spotted him in the yard and felt so bad for him, he knocked on the door and the couple said "Just take him".

We took him to the vet, got him neutered, UTI taken care of, shots, etc. He was doing well, gaining weight. Potty training was a bit of a problem but he was making slow progress.

Around a year old he ended up breaking a front leg due to a stupid accident involving a friend, a door and his very delicate little leg. After several thousand dollars in vet bills, he got an infection in his bloodstream and the vet ended up having to amputate the leg. This whole ordeal saw him confined to a crate for about a month due to the cast and then the amputation. His potty training was set back and he had to wear a diaper to keep the cast from getting soiled.

Anyhow, hes now 2 years old, has fattened up nicely and is doing well emotionally and gets along just fine on 3 legs. I absolutely adore the little guy but I cant get him to stop peeing on the floor for anything!

Its pee in the crate every morning, and usually when I get home from work as well. He has to go, so he does, no matter where he is. On the carpet, on the tile, in the crate, even on the couch! Rusty gets more baths than I do!

I have a 3 year old pom who is perfectly potty trained to go outside, so this just drives me crazy.

I've heard that small dogs can be difficult to train due to their size. My Pom is around 9 pounds, no problems with him. Rusty is about 4 pounds now. He does go outside if I can catch him before he goes in his crate.

I just ordered a "DoggieLawn" and it arrived today. If you've never heard of it, its basically a potty training pad made out of real grass. I figured maybe the DoggieLawn would give Rusty an attractive place to go, since potty pads and the crate training has been a total fail. What can I say, I'm desperate!

I set up a small confined area on the tile with the DoggieLawn in the corner. Of course Rusty ignored it and peed on the floor while I was straightening the toy bin. I took some of the pee on a paper towel and rubbed it on the DoggieLawn then cleaned the tile with vinegar+water.

Has anyone had any experience with potty training such a difficult dog? Do I have a chance of getting him to use the DoggieLawn?

I'm at my wit's end, but it seems absurd to diaper a grown dog 24/7...

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Go back to the very basics of potty training. Treat it as if he was an 8 week old puppy. In other words, a high level of supervision and lots of praise for doing it right.

First thing in the morning, take him outside on leash. Wait for him to go. As soon as he goes praise him and give him a treat. Wait about 5-10 minutes more in case he has more in him. Then you can bring him back in, and let him have some time to roam while supervised. If you take him outside and he hasn't gone at all within 10 minutes, bring him inside. Since he is peeing in his crate and around the house, keep him leashed to you so he doesn't have a chance to go inside. Take him out again after about 15 minutes. Repeat until he goes.

Don't give him free range of the whole house. You must be able to see him at all times. If you catch him start going, interrupt him with a sudden sound (loud clap or "nuh-uh!" or "ah-ah!") then take him outside immediately.

With the DoggieLawn you'll have to teach him to use it. So instead of taking him outside when he needs to go, put him there. Follow the same steps, but with him on the "lawn" instead of outside.
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