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Help with picky dog- seems to want only veggies

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My cavachon puppy who has been picky from day 1 is refusing any kind of dog food. We have tried all kind of brands for kibble( Orijen, Red Paw, honest kitchen, Fromm). He hates it all. Then we switched to Fromm wet food. Loved it in the beginning and now refusing it completely. I am having to spoon feed him like a toddler. Even the spoon feeding is not working. As treats we would give him carrots and apples and other approved veggies. Felt it was okay but now that’s all he want to eat. Never seen a dog so excited about veggies. I have tried the take away food but he is so stubborn. It is so upsetting to me when he doesn’t eat. I feel like a crappy dog mom. Please help.
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Picky eaters are usually made, not born. Constantly switching foods, adding "goodies" to the bowl, hand feeding, and other attempts to get them to eat only make it worse. Assuming that your up is healthy (with a vet check to ensure it), then you need to start training them to eat. This is a good article on how to do it. Teaching Your Dog to Eat | Mind to Mind
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