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Help with Pet Doors

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I'm hoping someone can recommend an automatic or electronic pet door for my home. We have a normal pet door, but we've been having trouble. Last year my husband's grandmother begged us to adopt her cat. Nanny's in her 90s and can't take care of Lilly, and Lilly began peeing in the house. We felt sorry for Nanny and took her in. Once we make a commitment to an animal, we keep it, but the peeing in the house (and occasional pooping) has destroyed our home. We have 2 dogs and 3 other cats that use the pet door to come and go as they please. They've been trained to use the restroom outside. However, Lilly refuses. By the way, a litter box is out of the question because she refuses to use one, and I hate litter boxes.

Just to let you know, we live on 70 acres of land in the country. We have about a an acre fenced around our house for the security of our pets, an we have two out buildings for them to use for shelter if they want, but we let them come and go as they want in our home as I stated above.

So, we thought and thought about what to do about Lilly. We want to make her a strictly outside cat, but we have to find one of those electronic pet doors that will let in our dog and cats using those key collars. Our other dog is too old to get in and out of the pet door, so we open the door for him and help him down the steps. The pet doors I've seen like the type I've describe have received poor reviews or have been in the $700 range, which is way out of our budget. Has anyone had any success with an electronic pet door, and is willing to share the information? I would really appreciate the help because I'm at my wit's end. I'm embarrassed to have friends and family over because of the Lilly pee.

By the way, before anyone gets on my case about Lilly becoming an outside cat, we live in a humid subtropical climate zone. She won't be uncomfortable, and will be happy hunting all the bugs. Plus, our kids are constantly outside and will pay her tons of attention because they love animals.


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Try the website below.
The site is well done and the selection is good.
They have a toll free number as well as online "live chat".


I hope that is of some help.
Thanks! I'll check out the website and see if it offers me some ideas.
Lilly will be ok. I recommend you to take a look at http://www.superpetstuff.com/superpetstuff/cat-ff80818120426ce2012065de78914a62.html
It has some good cat doors. You can bargain with them.
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