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So I've had my new Black Lab x Golden Retriever (Bailey) now for about a week. He asks to go on probably 75% of the time when he needs to eliminate when he is out of his crate (which I am very pleased about). I read all about potty training and read a bunch of books, which all suggested schedules. I had every intention of following a very strict one, but i found myself not doing it.

I didn't have any problems with Bailey until about 5 days after I got him. He did FANTASTIC in his crate up until that time, then one day, I came home after having been gone for approximately 2 Hours and he had peed in his crate. Now it happens almost every night.

I am beating myself up thinking that I'm doing something wrong. I have a cardboard divider in the crate so that he doesn't have too much room in it, but he ends up kicking it over (I am currently trying something new to try to keep it up.) I am really stressed as I need to go back to work this up coming week. I will be home to let him out once a day, and am trying to get someone to come over to see him for a few minutes besides that...

In any case I know this is a long post, I am just really worried. Any suggestions? Anyone had the same thing happen to them who can tell me its no big deal, and that Bailey will get over it???

Any support would be much appreciated.
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