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I think you have two separate issues going on.

First, Leeloo. She is showing resource guarding (you are the resource). You need to work with a positive based trainer to help her overcome that. She may alos have some people fear issue and for that you should follow one major rule: let her approach people - don't let them approach her. Rather than having people reach out to pet her, have them just stand (no leaning over) and ignore Leeloo. If she approaches them, they should continue to ignore her and just let her initiate contact. As she realizes that they are not making a move on her, she will become more willing to make that contact. If she likes treats, you can have them stand straight and offer her a treat. Again no bending over her (that is very intimidating).

Second, Tilly. It sounds like she just took a dislike to the dog. It happens. Have you ever met someone and just instinctively didn't like them? Dogs do that also.

Dog parks have their place, but my advice is to establish a specific group of dogs and owners to visit. If someone else is there or comes along, walk away. You never know how a dog will react. And even with the sweetest dog in the world, a bad combination can be dangerous. If you can't limit the visits to a select group that has been vetted, then skip the dog park.
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