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Stop going to the dog park. Dog parks are the worst idea. I don't where the idea of dog parks came from, but I wish we could put it back in the box and not open it again!!

Most, and I do mean MOST, dogs are NOT happy at dog parks. Dogs don't need or want to interact with a bunch of strange dogs!

If you go to a dog park and leave your dogs home.. and just WATCH you can learn a huge amount about dog body language from aggressive stances to defensive attacks..

SOMETIMES in a dog park in a LESS POPULATED AREA you can get a few known dogs together for a play date.. these are dogs who know each other and will happily interact. In those situations all is fine and those folks LEAVE when a newcomer arrives.

My suggestion? Just say No to Dog parks. Your dogs get along and have each other. That's enough for them (and they are telling you this!!).
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