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I am signing up because I need advice on how to help my lab mix Porter. He is 7-8 year old rescue that has always had anxiety issues. We always need to put him in a kennel while we are away or he will tear everything up. Since we lost our golden about 9 months ago Porter started peeing and pooping in his cage on a regular basis. We have tried several things to keep him from doing this (anxiety meds, feeding him in his cage, giving him treats in his cage etc) non of this has seemed to work and the last 2 days he has urinated in is cage (It isn't a matter of him being caged up to long as sometimes he does it after only being in there a hour)

As of today (cleaning it up again) I have had it. we are purchasing a igloo outdoor dog house that I will insulate and place under my deck so he is out of the elements. We have an invisible fence so he wont be able to get out of the yard, and live at the end of a culdesac with woods on each side and behind us on a 3/4 acre lot (he will not have access to the front yard) So instead of him sitting in a kennel inside while we are away he can be outside roaming, sleeping, and using the restroom. He will not be an outside dog as he will be with us inside while we are home I just cannot keep cleaning up these messes when I get home.

So after my long winded explanation here is my concern. After being outside for awhile he tends to bark and bark and bark..... Now he will be outside much longer will he eventually stop? Is it just something he will need to get used to? Any help offered for us to help him get acclimated would be greatly appreciated. I love my dog and just feel that this is the best option for us and him.
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