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Help With Identifying a Dog

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Hey everyone, my name is Leke and I'm new to the forums. I joined because I was looking for a little help in trying to identify a particular dog.

My girlfriend has been looking to adopt a 8 week old puppy from a rescue in Northern Quebec. She knows for sure that it is a Wheaten Terrier mix - though, we can't seem to find out what it has been mixed with. She (particularly her mother) is fearful of not knowing how exactly the dog would turn out in 5+ years, or if there are any health concerns related to the unknown breed that contributed to the mix. I'm sure you all are very familiar with these concerns!

Here is a picture of the dog. Her name is Angel and I think she's adorable:)

ANY help, even vague guesses, would be extremely helpful!
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Aww she's adorable. She has some very unique markings that not very many breeds have. Though from the picture it's difficult to tell what she may be, I don't really see any Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. A standing side, view next to an object like a soda can for size reference, is best to attempt to make breed guesses.
Unfortunately, this is the only picture the rescue has provided. Hopefully I can convince them into taking a few more pictures for me. Thanks for the quick reply
i see some maybe either Sheltie or Collie in that face, 'specially the markings...and her face does look a little like she has the whiskery face a bit...how do you/does the rescue know that she is part Wheaton?....i have seen a couple Wheaton pups w/ that same grayish top coat like thru her body, but they tend to lose that as an adult....

try to get some different pics (side, comparison, etc)
The advertisement on pet finder says, "We were told that she is a Wheaten Terrier Mix but we really do not know what mix she is. She is totally gorgeous.", though I know this is not a solid way of telling exactly what type of dog she is.
I also, thought collie or sheltie mix. But whatever she is, she is very cute.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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