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I'm more concerned that she's aggressive towards your neighbors (trying to get at them), than with the barking. Have you taken her to obedience classes? This would get her used to being around strange dogs and people. I would call her to come inside immediately when she starts barking. If she comes to you, I'd treat her for following your command. If you have to drag her, then no. Have you tried introducing Bonnie to these neighbors and letting them give her treats? It might be worth a try. Maybe she won't find them so threatening then.

A friend of mine with a very barky jack russell terrier got one the the anti bark things at Petsmart. It looks like a birdhouse and emits an ultrasonic sound dogs don't like when they start barking. You just hang it in your yard near where the offense takes place, at the back near the fence, in your case. Might be worth a try. Her JRT hates it and runs for the house when he sets it off!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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