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help with dandruff?

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My chihuahua/min.pin dog has dandruff, but it only shows up the first two days after he takes a bath? then i dont see it.

Hes been having baths once a week, i dunno if maybe thats too much..I also use petco shampoo for dark coats. i dunno if that has something to do with it, im new to owning a dog so i dunno the best type of shampoos for a dog..? haha

I live in Arizona so the air is pretty dry out here so im sure that has something to do with it..

any help?

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My old dog has dry skin and a dense short lab type coat. Last summer I only gave her weekly warm water rinses. She smelled fine and felt clean. My younger dog has a feathered spaniel/setter type coat and the rinses worked fine for him as well. I wanted to rinse possible allergy triggers off often and leave the skin oils alone. You don't have to worry about getting all the shampoo out either. You could try rinsing only, see what you think?
once a week bathing seems like kind of a lot. i bathe Rosie every 1-2 months.

in between i use these little wipes. I think they are Earthbath grooming wipes. They smell like green tea and are good for a quick bath touchup if shes a little stinky/dirty. I think they also feel really good on her skin, because even if shes in crazy hyper mode she will sit still for a little wipe down.
Dandruff mostly occurs when the dog’s skin cells naturally form, die, and flake off at a very fast rate.Because dandruff is a sign of flaky skin, you need to give your dog regular baths to wash away the flakes before they start to accumulate. Giving your dog a bath once a month during the winter season and twice a month in the summer time will help clear up the problem for good. Always use warm (not very hot) water to bathe your dog. Use a mild shampoo like regular baby shampoo and massage it thoroughly into his skin. You can also use a good natural dog soap so that you and your pet are free from chemicals. Make sure that you rinse and dry well after bath. you can find many natural and handmade soaps online if you are used to online shopping as I am! I found a great coupon while browsing - the coupon is halfway down the page http://www.sustainlane.com/green-saver-discount-coupons/_pet-supply-care-health-food-dog-cat
By the way what do you think about pet grooming at home Vs grooming at grooming parlors?
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