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My sister is having an issue with her two year old dachshund, Nacho. She began crating him a few months ago, and he has begun constantly crying when crated. He cries as soon as he is crated. He cries at four in the morning and he does not potty when let out. Additionally, he shreds any fabric you put in his crate with him. He will not touch a toy when in his crate, even things like a Kong. In fact, when the crate is opened, he will remove a toy if one is put in there with him. He will also potty in his crate, even though he has just gone out.

He willingly and happily goes into the crate when told to "crate up".

I find it relevant that he is very much a Velcro dog. Maybe it's not, but... He is ALWAYS at someone's feet. He sits with everyone on the couch, trails after them from room to room, and remains by their sides when outside.

I tried explaining it may be separation anxiety. She seemed uninterested in that theory. Does anyone have a solution or some steps she can take to remedy this behavior?

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It sounds like SA to me too. However, the first thing to do is take the dog to the vet for a complete blood panel including thyroid. Make sure there are no physical issues.

One of the ways to work on this is to IGNORE the dog COMPLETELY for 15 minutes when you first come home and the dog is uncrated or whenever you return to the dog after leaving for a few minutes. The other way to work on it is to leave the dog and immediately come back and gradually lengthen the time away.

Some dogs have issues that go beyond training and they medication.

There is a good little book on this that can be had from www.dogwise.com "I'll Be Home Soon!"
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