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Help with breed identification?

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Hi. I'm fostering a second litter of puppies with a local rescue and I'm finding that the breed identification is sooo much fun. I'm stumped on this one though. We have a brindle mother, 4 brindle pups, and four non brindle (I don't know what the coloring is called) It's especially hard for me to pinpoint the mother because she is so very emaciated that she's mostly bones (on her way to recovery now though!) They were listed as retrievers, but I don't sense much of that breed in them. I could be wrong though. Any ideas or help is much appreciated.

Oh, and the golden retriever in one of the pics is totally unrelated, he's just a warm bed. :p
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They are adorable very cute. Sorry, can't help with the breed id, though. Very unique looking dogs for sure
They are cute! Maybe a little mountain cur in there? It's so hard to say with puppies, and with mamma so thin, she may look a lot different once she fills out.
Yeah...she's very very underweight, and she has no muscle left. I thought I saw some Mountain Cur too...and the puppies howl :p
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