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So I posted this on reddit but got no responses so I figured ill try here. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Let me start off by giving a little bit of background. I have had this American hairless terrier and Chihuahua mix (probably) that I adopted about a year ago when he was around 2 according to the shelter.
He is fairly obedient and well tempered, although he is scared of strangers as he was with me at first. We live in an apartment that shares a wall with a family that has two tiny chihuahuas. Unfortunately, they bark A LOT. Whenever my dog hears them, he also starts to bark and runs to the front door to scratch at it. From what I have researched he is probably frustrated that he cannot see these dogs and has never met them. The neighbors don't seem too keen on having them meet either. So I was wondering what I can do to try and correct this behavior.
Additionally, when I take him out for a walk, the second he is out the door he starts barking and tries to scratch at the neighbors door, which is about a foot away from mine. To avoid this I usually pick him up and carry him far enough away. I do the same to bring him back in. He also tends to freak out when he sees other dogs while on a walk. He doesn't seem protective or aggressive, but rather he just jumps up and down and pulls/bites on the leash.
I would also like to add that we have lived here over a year with the same neighbors, but only recently began to display this behavior.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you all are doing well and staying safe.
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